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Question - Tours

Can I get a tour of the campground?


Yes and no. We do not do tours on event weekends but will do a 5 minute tour pretty much any other time during daylight hour.

Question - Extra Guests

I’ve made a reservation already, but can I bring friends?


Yes of course, we can add them to your reservation, but please let us know their names and have them check in with us when arriving. You are responsible for them and any charges they make.

Question - Privacy

Is Grizzly Pines a private place?


Yes, we pride ourselves on being very private. We do not share your information with anyone. We have a privacy fence in the front of our property and check in every individual who comes in.


What is the Check-In process like?


When you arrive, you’ll pull up to the gate if you have a reservation. There is a sign to call when you arrive. When we receive your call we’ll meet you at the gate to guide you in to unload and direct you where to park. There are some cabins/rv sites that have space for parking, many do not. In the case where you can’t park at your campsite, we’ll ask you to park in the parking lot. When you book(ed), there is an option to upgrade to premium parking. We can also upgrade you when you arrive if you so choose.

Question - Check-In / Check Out

When are check-in / check-out times?


For day passes, check-in is as early as 9am, check-out is 6pm. For Cabins or other accommodations, check-in is 3pm, check-out is 11am. For RV sites, check-in is as early as 1pm, check-out is 11am.

Question - Dogs

Can I bring my dog(s)?


Yes, we love our furry friends. However, some of our accommodations do not allow you to bring your pets. Such as the Bearracks bunkhouse, pool overlook cabins, and any RV that we rent out. We also require you to send us your rabies vaccination information and pick up after your pets when they do their business.

Question - Restrooms

Do you have a bathhouse on site?


Yes, we opened up a very nice restroom facility in February 2022 immediately next to the pool. Private stalls, private showers, and an open shower area.

Question - Booking In Advance

How far in advance do I need to book?


You should book as soon as you know for sure you can come and commit to it. We have more demand than we have supply for when it comes to accommodations and RV sites. We do have policies that you must adhere to when booking, so please read them.

Question - Food

Do you have food options there?


Yes, Randy’s Big Gay Taco serves up a mixture of different cafe style foods. He’s known for his brisket and burgers. He’s open during normal eating hours Friday night through Sunday morning.

Question - Drinks / Alcohol

Do you sell alcohol?


No we do not. We often will give away drinks for different parties and events. You’re more than welcome to brink all your own alcohol/beer, but no glass around the pool please.

Question - Store / Gift Shop

Do you have a store or gift shop?


Yes we do! We opened it in March 2023 with camping related items, RV supplies, Grizzly Pines branded merchandise like tumblers & coolers. As well as customer leather goods shop (Sculptured Skins) and adult clothing/toy store (Megaflix).

Question - Massage Therapist

Do you have a massage therapist on site?


Yes we do. Billy Jordan is a great, professional, licensed massage therapist. He offers a 1 hour or 1.5 hours appointment. His contact is (214) 984-2141.

Question - Parking

How does parking work?


We have a large parking lot at the front of our property. We ask that you park close enough to other vehicles as to maximize the parking lot space. We offer a premium parking option – at this time – which you can add on to your reservation at the time of booking ($20) or we can offer it to you when you arrive ($25). Grizzly Pines has done a lot to maximize our space inside the interior of the campground. With that said, you’ll find that a large majority of our RV sites do not allow you to park at your campsite. Similarly, we have some accommodations that have a parking space, but some do not. Please respect our rules when it comes to parking so we can maximize our space as well as keep as much grass as we can.

Question - Golf Carts

Can I rent a Golf Cart?


You sure can. We have afew different options which you can add on to your booking when making it or ask us when you are at the park.

Question - Wifi

Do you have wifi?


Yes. It’s $5 / pp for a weekend stay. Longer stays need to be discussed with us. We have systems that can accommodate longer stays with a more reliable connection.

Question - Nudity

Can you be naked anywhere on the grounds?


Yes, within the boundaries which is pretty much the entire property.

Question - Linens

Can I add linens to my cabin rental?


Yes, you can. It’s one set which includes 2 pillows, sheets, a blanket, and 2 towels.


Can I arrive early if I’ve booked a massage? Even if I don’t check-in to my cabin until proper check-in time?




Aren’t you clothing optional? Why don’t I see anyone in your photos or videos naked?


Because we can’t put nudity online nor would anyone nude at Grizzly Pines want us to do that.