↓ 2020 Calendar of Events! ↓

August 14th - August 16th     Trailer Trash  

  • Trashiest Campstie Contest - Ugly, but Tasty potluck. We did this in 2017 and it was so fun. Horseshoe Contest, but with toilet seats!

August 21st - August 23rd     Dive-In Movies  

  • Second Dive-In movie weekend of the summer and of the new pool! We'll have freshly popped popcorn and spiked snow cones for your enjoyment!

September 4th - September 7th     Labor Day  

  • Details to come!

September 18th - September 20th     Bubba's 2nd Annual Brisket Cook-Off  

  • Defend yourself from Bubba's Grizzly Pines award winning brisket and compete to dethrone him!

September 25th - September 27th     5th Anniversary  

  • 5 years is a big accomplishment. This event will also be big.

October 2nd - October 4th     Friends and Family Weekend  

  • This one-weekend-per-year event is for you to bring your women friends/family to check out your campground. 

October 9th - October 11th     Illumination  

  • Illuminated Everything, candles, glowsticks, lazer lights, competitions for best lit campsite.

October 30th - November 1st     Halloween  

  • Lone Star Bears hosting. We will be doing scary stuff, costume parties, contests and more.

November 13th - November 15th     6th Annual Chili Cook-Off  

  • Traditional chili cook-off, we do it every year, typically the winter season kick-off.

November 20th - November 22nd     Karaoke  

  • Details to come...

November 26th - November 30th     Friendsgiving  

  • Come enjoy a huge Thanksgiving pot luck among friends and relax on your holiday. 

December 11th - December 13th     White Elephant Gift Exchange  

  • Becoming a tradition because it's so fun, we host a gift exchange among friends.

December 30th - January 1st     New Year's  

  • Traditional New Year's celebration. We'll have fireworks and all party stuff. 

July 31st - August 2nd     Hidden Treasures  

  • Think... Scavenger Hunt - small to medium sized teams - prizes, etc.

July 17th - July 19th     Kick Your Heels

  • Details to come.