Here at Grizzly Pines, we love our campers to get involved with what we are doing. If you would like to host your own event weekend, please contact us. We'd love to collaborate with you.

It will be friends and family weekend here at Grizzly Pines. It's a weekend where any patrons of the park have the opportunity to bring their friends and family to camp with them - women allowed! It's always fun! Let's get together and talk about all the great times we've had so far and the ones to come!

  • Saturday is the start of the Texas Renaissance Festival, we will be doing shuttles at $5 per person.
  • We will be doing a brisket dinner. We need folks to bring side dishes. Let us know what you intend to bring so we don't double up too much.
  • Mimosas at 8:30 am Sunday Morning!

If you plan to ride our shuttle, we'll be leaving at 2 or 3 times. Comment below on when you think we should leave and return.

September 28-30