SEPTEMBER 1st - 4th   Labor Day Weekend

  • Catered dinner by Chicken Express on Friday, Saturday DJ Phil Bradley, and pot luck @ 6:30 pm. 

SEPTEMBER 28 - 30th   Homemade Ice Cream Social

  • Everyone make your own ice cream to share!
  • More details to come...

OCTOBER 27th - 29th   Halloween

  • Details to come...

NOVEMBER 10th - 12th   Grizzly Pines 3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off

  • Our 3rd Chili Cook-Off! 
  • Compete against some tough contestants to be named Grizzly Pines best Chili.
  • More details to come...

NOVEMBER 23rd - 26th   Friendsgiving

  • A version of Thanksgiving, this weekend is for those that may not have a place to be during the holidays.
  • Come be with us for Thanksgiving

DECEMBER 15th - 17th   White Elephant Gift Exchange

  • Come be with friends and your gay family for our white elephant gift exchange. These are always fun and filled with laughter and joy. 
  • $25.00 limit
  • More details to come...

DECEMBER 29th - 1st   New Years 2018

  • Details to come...

2017 Calender of Events!

OCTOBER 13th - 15th   Oktoberfest

  • Details to come...