Here at Grizzly Pines, we love our campers to get involved with what we are doing. If you would like to host your own event weekend, please contact us. We'd love to collaborate with you.

Bring on that warmer weather and get dressed up!

Well, moderately... we are camping after-all.

Black and White movie starting at dusk. Bring a cocktail, enjoy some popcorn, kick back!
5 pm Pot Luck - the theme is... you guessed it - Black and White!
Try to make your dish as close within the theme as you can!
Another Black and White movie under the stars starting at dusk. Cocktails provided for this one! We'll mix yours extra special if your dressed for the evening.
After the pot luck on Saturday, those who are dressed up in their black and white will get a ticket for a gift, so props for participating!