Welcome to Grizzly Pines

Based in Navasota, TX we are an independently owned clothing-optional gay campground proudly serving the entire gay community. We as the owners, are proud to say that we will strive to make this campground a great place for gay men to come relax and have a good time in a great piney woods atmosphere.

Here at Grizzly Pines, your owners and operators pledge to make your camp experience the best it can be. We promote an atmosphere that welcomes newcomers and regulars alike. 

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Introducing the Grizzly Pines Barracks

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We are excited to announce that we are now clothing optional!
At Grizzly Pines, we want everyone to be comfortable and have a great time and also be respectful of others. That is why we have set some rules for nudity at the park. Please read these rules and abide by them if you wish to be nude in the park. 
• You must have a towel with you at all times.
• If you are resting or sitting on park benches or at tables, you must sit on your towel. 
• If you are attending a gathering that involves food, you must be covered in at least underwear.
Paper Towels, Plates/Cups, Pillows, Sheets, Flashlight or Lantern, Lantern Fuel, Potluck Dish if applicable, Food and Food Utensils, Sleeping Bag/Mattress if Tenting, Alcohol if you drink, Water if you don't care for our well water, Blankets, ETC.

Some of you may already know, but Grizzly Pines has a shuttle service to the Texas Renaissance Festival! We will be operating throughout the season of Ren Fair at $7.50 per person for round trip service. The bus will be going back a forth a few times a day which means you won't have to drive or worry about parking! Check out their website by clicking the picture below.